What you will receive

Digital art: Finished artwork is sent over as a high-resolution PNG-file. If you would like a smaller size or another format, please let me know.

Traditional artFinished art is sent over as a post-processed, high-resolution scan. Shipment of the original piece is not included in the price unless specifically noted, but can be discussed.

Permission & Reposting

By commissioning me, you allow me to post the finished work on the social media where I promote my art. Exceptions are possible, but only if discussed beforehand.

Finished artwork is for PERSONAL USE only (ie. as an avatar, twitter banner, computer background etc.) and can NOT be resold or distributed for profit.

Commercial usage rights are not included in the price.

Work Process

When working on a commission, you will receive various works in progress to allow for feedback on the commission.
If alterations need to be made, please tell me as soon as you see the need for one when I send over an update.

Minor revisions are included in the price. For major revisions (ex. redoing an entire pose or the layout after a thumbnail sketch was already approved), an extra fee may apply.

Payment & Refunds

Payment is required before work is started. If the sum of the payment is above $100, I am willing to discuss payment-plans. Payment is in USD via PayPal, fees are included in the quoted commission price.

If you need a full refund for whichever reason, then please request it before I have started your commission. If I have already started, I will give you a partial refund based on how far along I am.

Refunds are not given for completed pieces.

If you have any concerns about the image, please voice them before the commission is finished. I always send over WIPs for feedback.

In the event that I, the artist, cancel the commission, for whichever reason there may be, you will get a full refund. This is regardless of the work already done.


Last updated: 5th of February, 2018